Janice McLaughlin Fine Art Photography
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The Dreaded Artist Statement

Janice McLaughlinWhen you're half blind, you often get your face up really really close to things so that you can really really see them. (Of course you wouldn't touch them, that would be wrong). But then, when you look through the view finder of the camera, all else is eliminated and it's like you are looking at them with your face up really close and you can really really see it. I love that.

Our planet is 2/3's water and yet we concentrate our fine art on the dry 1/3rd and it's inhabitants. There are beautiful things topside to be sure, but there are beautiful everyday common things underwater as well. You just need access and to look really really closely. All the world is beautiful. Even the other 2/3's we don't normally see on our walls. This is what my art is about.